Florentine Quatro Tel Aviv

Image by SP

Florentine Quatro – The ‘nice’ area

Florentine 4 is one example of the controversy of the new vs. old in the neighborhood. These buildings do not seem to belong to this old southern neighborhood. They tried giving it a cool vibe but Florentine does not need to try too hard to be cool.

Having said that, it is a great location to find many “nicer” restaurants and cafes, or take advantage of the benches and wooden deck to just rest a bit from walking in the neighborhood. Every once in a while there are outdoor events, especially in summertime and on Fridays.

My favorite part in this location? You can still spot some drawing on the walls around, and be surprised by how people are creative. The one in the photo is my favorite. It says:

Get up and start walking

another step forward on the road

which is just a road/ I’ll keep asking

and build a place where I can 

be/ wake up for sunrise 

and feel that it’s 

also for me

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Shalma Road 43, Tel Aviv

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24 hours daily

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