Freeze Tel Aviv

Image by Hariella Farber

Freeze – Hot and getting hotter-give me a popsicle!

Freeze is a special treat especially on hot summer days. They are a small shop that only sells natural fruit popsicles!

The popsicles are made from fresh fruit with minimal additives and are crazy delicious. They offer a variety of 20+ different kinds of fruit popsicles, some are even vegan and vegetarian friendly.

The hotter it gets the better they taste! And Tel Aviv does get HOT!

They are wonderful, they are refreshing, and surprisingly not high in calories. And I am addicted to them for about 6 months out of the year. They are my secret weapon for dealing with some of the summer’s very hot days.

Among the different products (depending on the season) you can find all of these popsicles:

Watermelon | Annuity | pineapple | Acai banana | Banana date | guava | mint | lychee melon | Mango | Sabres | berries | coconut | passion fruit | pomegranate | Strawberry Banana | Pineapple melon | Grapefruit melon Banana date | grapes | strawberry | strawberry Kiwi | strawberry orange | orange | coconut mango | coconut berries | coconut pineapple | coconut strawberry | Rosetta (almonds) | mango passion fruit.

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Details about this spot



ibn gabirol 158, Tel Aviv

Telephone number


Opening Times

Sun - Thu 09:30 - 22:30, Fri 09:00 - 16:00


Big popsicle: ILS 8


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