Gordian Knot Tel Aviv

Image by Hila Shaulski

Gordian Knot – Urban sculpture

When walking along Ben-Gurion Blvd. you will come across many different sculptures that tell a story related to Israel’s history. One that caught my eye is the “Gordian Knot”, a bronze and stainless steel masterpiece by Gidon Graetz, an Israeli sculptor.

Gordian Knot describes a complicated knot, that traces back to a myth related to Alexander the Great. 

Among Israeli historians, A Gordian Knot is used to describe the influence David Ben-Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel had on the relationship of Israel with the Jewish-American community in the years the small state was established, a relationship that is crucial and important for the existence of the state until this day. This interesting beautiful sculpture symbolically stands right in front of Ben-Gurion’s house.

When you walk in the streets of Tel Aviv it’s interesting to always be mindful of the art around you, as it gives a modern glimpse to the history of the state and of the city that you won’t often find in guide books. 

This sculpture in particular is not only beautiful and symbolizes an interesting historical event, but can also relate to our daily lives as Israelis and all the complicated knots we have within Israeli society with the Jewish people around the world and with our neighboring countries.

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Ben Gurion Blvd 12, Tel Aviv

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24 hours daily


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