Tayelet Lahat - Boardwalk Tel Aviv

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Tayelet Lahat – Boardwalk – Active on the beach

This is by far the best value for money location in the city, and it’s pretty obvious, cause it’s free! The beach is probably one of best reasons to visit Tel Aviv: there are so many beaches to choose from. Still, sometimes laying on the beach is not what you want — it’s moving, getting energized and knowing that in about one hour you can see the entire city from the port of Tel Aviv in the north to Jaffa Port in the south.

I just started running about a year ago, and discovered the beauty of the beach even in wintertime and at night. It is one of the most popular locations for sports activities, and more people there are in their active wear than in high heels. Sometimes I like raising my hand for a high-five, which gets different responses. My favorites are when they smile and give me a nice noisy one back! 

There are also some open-air gyms spread around, which are free to use and can be a fun break from the run. It could also be a great opportunity to just start talking to cool people who are as obsessed with sports as you are. Otherwise, why would you be running on your vacation!? 🙂

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Shlomo Lahat Promenade, Tel Aviv

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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