The Block Tel Aviv

Image by Itay Lifshitz

The Block – A club with perfect music experience

The Block, which among the Israeli clubs is the closest to be considered “The Israeli Berghain”, is a club located in the heart of the African Quarter of Tel Aviv, inside the new central bus station, and its main pride is the pure club experience that it provides (actually, in many parties at the Block you will find DJ’s from Berghain, but luckily, no Berghain doormen at the entrance).

There are 3 main spaces: The Main space- where smoking is forbidden, The Squat- A kind of alternative stage and the Lounge. Similar to the Berghain, You are not allowed to use your phone in the main space or in the squat room, which makes it impossible for people to tag themselves or to take a selfie with the DJ (also, it makes it real difficult to find something you dropped, so be careful).

The party starts at around midnight (I think, I’ve never been there that early), and usually there is a nice discount if you arrive before 01:00. I like to enter at around 02:00 for the peak of the night, and to experience it while the place is turning from crowded into full, and then half full and so on. During good parties, the Block is never less than full, even at 07:00 or 08:00.

Tip: Usually, the best parties are on Thursday, since in Israel the weekend starts a day earlier, which allows the Block to invite DJ’s with much less competition from other clubs.

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Details about this spot



Salame 157, Tel Aviv

Telephone number


Opening Times

22:30 - 09:00 daily


Ticket from: ILS 60


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