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Image by Sheilla Safra Maler

TOPYA – Chef yogurteria

Frozen yogurt: this trend stormed the streets of Tel Aviv a few years ago and became a thing. What can be better on a warm Telavivian day then a frozen yogurt?

You can choose a healthy dish – with granola or fruit – or a “shhh don’t tell anyone” dish with lots and lots of chocolate. Or a mix 🙂

All of those places are great, but it’s the assistant working there who’d been putting those delicious toppings on your yogurt. Well, no more!

TOPYA – Chef Yogurteria – is a place that not only has a variety of yogurts or ice creams on offer (and vegan too!!) but YOU can put the toppings you like by yourself! 

On a wide, fancy table, you have fruits, chocolate (try the Mekupelet – Israeli rolled chocolate), cookies (Halva cookies) and more, as well as lots of sauces you can put on your fancy dish. Come and enjoy yogurt exactly the way you like it!

I love to mix my own TOPYA – with granola, lotus cookies, white chocolate and ferrero rocher sauce. Yes – sauce! #heaven

Just be aware that every store has its own opening hours.

Want to be refreshed while at the beach?! There is a store on Gordon beach!

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Ben Yehuda Street 126, Tel Aviv

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Mon - Thu & Sun 13:00 - 00:00, Fri 10:00 - 17:40, Sat 20:15 - 00:00


Normal size: ILS 35

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