Washington Blvd. Tel Aviv

Image by Shira Prigat

Washington Blvd. – Food blvd in Florentine

Washington Blvd. is my favorite boulevard in the city and it’s not just because I live here. It’s a short street – one block only, not as long as other boulevards in Tel Aviv. So I don’t feel like I’m missing anything on the other side, and don’t have the “OMG, so close, but so far away” feeling.

It’s a pedestrian-only street, which makes it quiet and fun to walk on. The streets in the middle are surrounded by wooden benches and it’s super nice to buy a beer and some snacks in the kiosk and just relax for a while when you are sick of walking. 

Many restaurants have discovered the potential of Washington Blvd recently and have opened there. Starting on Florentine st. you have the Malabia (Israeli desserts), then Breton (French crepes), Tometomato (Italian pasta), Kirkas (nice local food), as well as a chocolatier and a kiosk for snacks.

It is just the perfect combination!

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Sderot Washington, Tel Aviv

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24 hours daily


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