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Image by Hariella Farber

Wise Versa – Jewelry and accessories

Wise versa is a little chic, kick ass jewelry shop near the heart of the Jaffo flea market, they hold the works of many different jewelry artists, some mainstream stuff, but many that have gotten a bit off the beaten path.

Whenever I go there, I always get the feeling that the owner of the shop is a little bit of a curator for all the different jewelry presented there. Eclectic jewelry shops have the tendency to look the same or carry a recurring motif in the works. You will not find any of that at Wise versa.

That, in my opinion makes this place special. I admit not all jewelry presented is my taste but I love the diversity.

Most of the gold jewelry is a gold alloy or gold plated, if you have a couple of days you can order almost anything in gold per special order. There are many other less traditional materials for the jewelry, such as different metals, plastic, string and more.

Something that caught my eye during my last visit were the ceramic decorative jacket pins, they looked totally fragile but so so cute, a wonderful clothing accessory for as long as it lasts, definitely worth a second look.

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13 amiad / 8 olei zion, Tel Aviv

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Sun - Thu 11:00 - 20:00, Fri 10:00 - 16:00


Items from: ILS 150

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