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Helen Hartmann (1976)

About me
Hi I’m Helen, a Dutch/English national who was raised a third culture kid in Germany. I’m a freelance writer and translator and I love books, the outdoors, collage, music, art and design and Tony’s Chocolonely.

I settled in The Hague after a serious case of wanderlust in my twenties and thirties.

Why The Hague
I live in Scheveningen which has a specific culture but I love to explore all of The Hague, almost always by bike.

Plenty of people still think The Hague is the ‘boring’ Randstad city (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht & The Hague) but I like to surprise them and maybe you with the diversity of Den Haag.

My inner Heidi is happiest outdoors and loves the fact that The Hague is one of the greenest cities in Europe. Bike rides in the dunes, walks on the coast or exploring the parks, it’s all here and if I want the city vibe it’s just a 20-minute bike ride away!

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