De Zandmoter The Hague

Image by Jorinde van der Burgh

De Zandmoter – An extraterrestrial beach

Finding liquid water on another planet might be an amazing discovery. Still, I prefer finding (a piece of) another planet within liquid (sea)water. The Zandmoter, an artificial peninsula on the border of The Hague city district Kijkduin and neighbouring municipality Westland reminds me of desolate landscapes from old science-fiction movies. Although that may not sound too inviting if you are planning a day at the seaside, the Zandmoter has great unique selling points, like a lagoon in which the water is slightly warmer than in the sea itself.

Science yes, fiction no
The Zandmoter, created in 2011, is a pilot project with the aim of finding new ways to protect the Dutch western coastal area from the North Sea. Such a project needs major research, hence the big out-of-space science tower in the sand called the Argusmast. Turn your back to this Argusmast and you have an amazing view over the beach, the lagoon, the beach and the sea. I personally like to catch some sun on the second part of the beach between the lagoon and the surf. There are no beach clubs at the Zandmoter, which makes it truly spacious and quiet. If you don’t mind bringing your own picnic basket, this place really offers you a unique time at the North Sea coast.

Word of advice: the Zandmoter floods twice a day at high tide, so always keep an eye on the weather, the tide and the information boards.

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Zandmotorpad, The Hague

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