Haagse Markt The Hague

Image by Jorinde van der Burgh

Haagse Markt – Our city reflected in merchandise

Within The Hague I feel a sense of belonging that I never experienced in any former residence. I love living in this city. Maybe this is simply because here I have everything I need just around the corner. Or in the case of the Haagse Markt (in English: The Hague Market) about 10 minutes away from home by bike.

Nowadays I mostly buy foodstuff at this market located on the border of city districts Schilderswijk and Transvaalwijk. Although for me the Haagse Markt, will be forever that place where in the early Nineties my parents bought me this amazing pair of bleached jeans with neon Gosthbuster print.

The Haagse Markt is said to be one of the largest markets in Europe and consists of three walkways of about 450 meters with market stalls on both sides. Vendors here offer various goods like: vegetables, fruit, fish, meat, clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, household items and electronics. In a way, the merchandise sold at the Haagse Markt reflects the diverse background of our city’s residents. And as displayed in the Dutch saying ‘Op de markt is je gulden een daalder waard’ (Loosely translated into English as: at the market your money is worth one and a half times as much) prices on the Haagse Markt are considerable lower than in shops.

Good to know: not all vendors have a mobile card reader. So it is best to withdraw some cash from an ATM before visiting the Haagse Markt.

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Herman Costerstraat 571, The Hague

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Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat 09:00 - 17:00


500g olives: € 2.50


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