Scheveningen Sculptures The Hague

Image by Helen Hartmann

Scheveningen Sculptures – Happy Rock Strangers

Imagine this: you’re cycling along the boulevard of Scheveningen on your rental bike and the weather is not that great. You feel disappointed because you were looking forward to a sunny day at the beach enjoying lunch al fresco

Anyway, still cycling along because you paid for your bike rental so now you’re definitely going to make the most of it. The sky above you is grey, Scheveningen beach on your left and the North Sea looks uninviting. Then, bam! Two great big explosions of colour on your right, just perched in the dunes. What the?! 

Introducing you to the Rock Strangers, my little bit of happy in Scheveningen every time I cycle by. The size and industrial feel of the sculptures in combination with fantastic vibrant colours that just pop are an instant cure to feeling down. Sculptural work by Belgian artist Arne Quinze is exhibited in New York, Paris, Shanghai, L.A. and… here in The Hague. 

This accessible art is available 24/7 and located just off the main promenade of Scheveningen, directly in front of the Museum Beelden Aan Zee which itself is worth a visit if you are serious about sculpture and keen to get away from the crowds of Scheveningen. Or, for more free and instagrammable public art, take the steps down to the promenade and enjoy the fascinating Sprookjesbeelden.

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Scheveningseslag, The Hague

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24 hours daily


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