Skatepark De Kuil The Hague

Image by Adam Frick

Skatepark De Kuil – Family-friendly counterculture

Nearly everything in the Netherlands (with some obvious exceptions) is an ‘all ages’ affair. Skatepark De Kuil is no exception. If you’re looking for heavily-tattooed punkers trying out the latest 360-degree flip, you’re in the right place… however, if you’re looking for a playground where you can sit on a bench and eat ice cream while watching toddlers race around at top speed, you’re ALSO in the right place. De Kuil is both, really, but everyone gets along just fine.

Located smack in the middle of Den Haag, yet still somehow surrounded by forests and endless walking and biking trails, De Kuil is a place you can visit for an hour or a full day, and feel unrushed yet fully contented with both choices. The Zorgvleit, a private park requiring a modest yearly membership fee, is literally across the street. So is the Anglican Church of Den Haag, where on the right day you can bump into the upper crust of Old Dutch High Society. De Kuil itself is a fair-sized skatepark where you can connect with the welcoming, all-ages Dutch skater community, and learn a few new moves. Again though, it’s about the neighbourhood, not just any one place, and in this context, De Kuil is not just a skatepark–it’s an essential component of a vibrant community.

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Ary van der Spuyweg 1, The Hague

Opening Times

24 hours daily


Last Changed Date: 2016-05-19 11:45:13 +0200 (Thu, 19 May 2016)