Street Art Tour Segbroek The Hague

Image by Jorinde van der Burgh

Street Art Tour Segbroek – Largest public gallery

Lucky me. I love street art, I love city district Segbroek, I love The Hague Street Art for turning Segbroek into the largest public gallery of The Hague. And most of all, I love sharing the extensive The Hague Street Art tour with you.

In Segbroek, you’ll come across many works of street art, even during a walk to the supermarket or to the nearest bus stop. In collaboration with the local government, 2,000 square meters of walls and electricity houses were painted to prevent illegal graffiti and vandalism. Segbroek now contains up to 40 large street art works, painted by Dutch and foreign artists. I usually enjoy the works of art on my daily routes. Once in a while, I follow The Hague Street Art tour to explore pieces of the city still unknown to me.

If you would like to discover all the street art within Segbroek or other parts of The Hague, use this map. Via the button Tours, you can choose between a tour on foot or a tour by bike, and you can also select the distance of your tour. Via the button Explore, you filter artworks by location or by artist and you also choose to show / not show cafés, cultural venues, shops and bike rentals on the map. If you prefer a hardcopy of this map, get it at one of the places listed on this webpage. Following a guided street art tour is also possible. Contact The Hague Street Art for an appointment.

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