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Tegelweetjes – Stories are out there on the streets

Of course I know how to scan a QR-code, but this usually isn’t my first choice of gathering information. Still when I noticed a tile with a QR-code on the pavement on my way to the supermarket, I got intrigued. So I took out my phone and scanned the code on the sidewalk. It turned out to be one of the fifty Tegelweetjes (In English: tile facts) – bits of information about the vicinity scattered all over the Regentesse- Valkenboskwartier, or ReVa for short, a lively neighbourhood in The Hague city district Segbroek.

Fantastic writer, fantastic stories
Tegelweetjes is an initiative by local resident Myrthe Cools. While walking through the Regentesse- Valkenboskwartier, she asked herself questions like: Who was Mr. Van Bylandt actually? Did these premises use to be a shop? And if yes, of what kind? As her questions were usually not that easy to answer, she came up with the idea of gathering fantastic ReVa-stories on a website that’s accessible by scanning the QR-code on a pavement tile.

My personal favorite? I am not sure you will find this one just by the QR-code on one of the tiles, but while checking the Tegelweetjes FB-page I learnt that the amazing Dutch writer Mensje van Keulen played in the Fultonstraat as a kid. For me, this really adds something extra to a neighbourhood that I already liked a lot.

Ps: a similar initiative was started in The Hague citydistrict Loosduinen, see: Loosduinseweetjes.nl

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