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Irini Vassilopoulou (1979)

About me:
I don’t quite enjoy talking about myself but I will make an effort just for you!

I worked for the travel and tourism industry for 18 solid years in Greece and in the U.K. hoping -in vain- to satisfy my urge for exploration and discovery, but found absolutely no interest in climbing up that tedious ladder for the rest of my life. Instead, I returned to my birth land (Thessaloniki) and I started reinventing it and myself.

I enjoy the good life; I go out, I eat and I drink, I meet people, I go on excursions, I read books and watch films – usually with my two fat cats on my lap. I share all of these things, as life means nothing without a good laugh with your loved ones.

That’s about it, really…

Why Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki is many cities within one; you have the ancient part, the Ottoman part, the Byzantine one, the quiet streets, the crazy nightlife. Thessaloniki is what you want her to be. Oh, she has flaws of course but then again, who doesn’t?

Every city lives through the remnants of its history but also through the new unwritten history of its everyday pulse, its citizens and its visitors. I have visited many cities but Thessaloniki has one of the most vibrant, eternally changing and shifting communities I have seen. I chose to return to Thessaloniki not because I was born here, but because I believe that this city is not dead in its core and is not tourist-filled and money-orientated. We welcome travellers, passers-by, immigrants and all the wanderers, along with their new cultures and ideas! How many cities have that, you think?

Where else can you find me online?

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