Dorkada Thessaloniki

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Dorkada – Traditional patisserie

Walking down Kassandrou street towards the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace, nothing looks noteworthy until you reach the colourful Alatza Imaret monument (check it out — it’s a must visit) and a seemingly indifferent old patisserie-like place. No fancy labels, no flashy covers and nothing eye-catching really…

Then it hits you:

The irresistible smell of fresh yogurt and syrup, the freshly baked cakes and the  homemade ice-cream made with the original Asia Minor recipe.

Welcome to “Dorkada”, Thessaloniki’s best-known traditional Greek yogurt and pastry shop.

The name “Dorkada” comes from a region near Thessaloniki founded and inhabited by Greek immigrants in the 20s who -to our joy- brought their cuisine along with their hopes to their new home. 

People travel from across the city to get a bowl of pure “Dorkada” yogurt or to try some of the wonderful traditional desserts. “Dorkada” has kept the same recipes and ingredients since it opened in 1961, so every bite you take is a trip down memory lane. My personal favourite is a chocolate dessert named “Karioka”, but you must try the baklava or the saragli and combine them with the homemade ice-cream. Pure delight at the tip of your fingers…

Everything is transient in our modern life, but luckily there are some simple –guilty- pleasures that stick with us through time. “Dorkada” is definitely one of them and it is here to stay for years to come!

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Kassandrou 91, Thessaloniki

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06:00 - 23:15 daily


Dessert: € 3

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