Garden of Rotonda Thessaloniki

Image by Angelos Kottas

Garden of Rotonda – Relaxing surrounded by history

In the historic center of the city stands one of the most famous and oldest monuments of Thessaloniki. The foundation of Rotonda¬†was established around 300 AD and today it is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This tormented monument was supposed to become a mausoleum, it then became a place of worship for the Roman gods, later it was converted into a Christian church, afterwards to a mosque and finally to St. George’s church.

I won’t talk any further about the history of this stunning building, the splendid mosaics and the amazing acoustics, I’m sure you can find more details in a guidebook. For me a very interesting and unknown part of the monument is its garden. I’ve noticed that every time I mention to someone how much I like the garden of Rotonda, they usually reply that they’ve visited the monument but not the garden.

The space around the Rotonda is a small interesting garden with a fountain at the entrance and various decorations and ancient pieces of the temple. At the back of the garden there is a Muslim tomb, next to it some Jewish tombstones and some Roman inscriptions. So here, at just one point of the garden, you have a mini history lesson of the city.

I like to visit this garden with my book, to follow the sun depending on the time of the day, relax in the city center and steal a little of the history and energy of this space.

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