Giasemi Thessaloniki

Image by Emmanouela Stachtiari

Giasemi – Aegean-style kafenio

Giasemi (i.e. jasmin) is a small kafeneio with only a few tables inside. It’s environment reminds you of a traditional house on some Aegean island, with its bright white walls and wooden furniture in a light “sea green” shade. The framed photos and embroideries of past decades on the walls will definitely catch your eye. Giasemi is never empty, since Greeks go to kafenia as often as the French go to bistros. People pay a visit during the day for coffee, for a casual drink and chat with friends in the evening, or before Saturday night plans.

Giasemi’s menu offers coffees, pastries, hot meals and drinks. Try the Greek coffee (or Turkish, it’s the same) served in the coffee pot that it was made in, the so-called briki. Along with the coffee, treat yourself to a delicious piece of homemade orange pie or a spoon sweet, made with stewed fruits and vegetables drizzled with syrup. If the situation calls for a drink, go the Greek way and have a tsipouro with meze, the typical appetizers for the middle of the table. But if you are seriously hungry, I bet meze will not be enough, so order a proper dish.

The best thing about Giasemi, apart from the atmosphere, is its closeness to many theatrical venues and cinemas. I may sound a bit lazy, but I find the idea that a table, to accommodate the vivid discussion after a film or a play, is just a few meters away very comforting!

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Details about this spot



Tsopela 4, Thessaloniki

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14:00 - 02:00 daily


Per person: € 7

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