Loukoumades tis Loxandras Thessaloniki

Image by Emmanouela Stachtiari

Loukoumades tis Loxandras – My best dessert place

If you are a foodie for sweets (aka sweetie), you have to try Loukouma. It is the alternative to donuts for Greek people. It is essentially a ball or ring of dough, first fried in olive oil and then topped with honey, and cinnamon and walnuts. Compared to donuts, it is more crispy on the crust and fluffy inside. Of course, Loukouma is offered in most pastry shops, but Loukoumades tis Loxandras specializes in this dessert and they offer the best quality.

The business has been running at this spot since 1988 and it has switched hands twice. Fortunately, all previous owners have passed the recipe secrets to their successors, thus helping to maintain the service standards. Also, you can diverge from the traditional recipe and choose to top it either with black or white chocolate. Then, you will get your portion prepared right in front of you.

The spot is found on a square with plenty of life during the evenings. Residents hang out in the cafes and restaurants and all the benches are usually taken. This spot opens in the afternoon and stays open till night, even during the winter. There is the option to sit inside or on the terrace or you can get everything packed, perch on a bench (lucky you!) and …bon appetit.

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Details about this spot



Gymnasiarchou Stefanou Dimitriou 2, Thessaloniki

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Opening Times

Tue - Sun 18:30 - 23:30


6 pieces: € 3.5

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