Pire kai Vradiazei Thessaloniki

Image by Irini Vassilopoulou

Pire kai Vradiazei – Rebetiko music taverna

Pire kai Vradiazei could be roughly translated as “the night sets in”. This 1944 taverna’s name is taken from the lyrics of a not very well known 1958 greek song.

There is a subtle thin line separating a kitsch and tacky rebetiko music spot from an original and unpretentious experience, you know, and the latter is what “Pire kai vradiazei” is all about. Pire kai Vradiazei may be small in size, but it’s enormous in its quality and feeling.

Pire kai Vradiazei shelters exceptional music instrumentalists and vocalists of Thessaloniki, while serving delicious traditional homemade taverna platters (mainly meat, salads etc.)  washed down with what I must say is the best small-produce retsina I have ever tried – and believe me, I have tried quite a few across Greece. The drinks are so pure that even after enormous quantities the only side effect you may experience is dancing and singing along with the other patrons! No-one will see you anyway, as Pire kai Vradiazei is conveniently tucked away on a side road, away from the indiscreet looks of passers-by.

If you are an inquiring and open mind, happy to travel off the centre and willing to immerse yourselves into authentic Greek rebetiko music, then this is the place for you.

Extra tip: you should definitely try the “soutzoukakia”- similar to meatballs, but much much tastier! Thank me later :).

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Omirou 7, Thessaloniki

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Opening Times

Mon - Sat 13:00 - 02:00, Sun 13:00 - 18:00


Per person: € 10

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