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Valitsa – Beer extravaganza

What do you do when you are in a burning hot city on a summer night? Well, I guess you look for a great bar to sit back and enjoy a cold beer to get rid of your sizzling headache, right? But not just any place, and may I add not just any beer. Valitsa is one of these exquisite, cute, more-than-meets-the-eye pubs you will sorely regret if you don’t visit them.

Centrally located, in the fab and über-hip neighbourhood of Ano Ladadika, Valitsa boasts an extraordinary selection of both local and foreign beers, apart from all  their other drinks too. By local, I mean those wonderful microbrewery/gypsy brewing rarities from across Greece (more than 100, I ‘ll have you know) you probably are not familiar with, not just those box-standard lagers you ‘ll find at any off-licence.

Oh, the best part is that if you feel like exploring more tastes on your own, Valitsa also sells all their beers at take-away prices for you to take home. Another great feature for me is that Valitsa is a fully non-smoking bar, which means I can also enjoy their excellent platters while gorging down their delightful pints!

I am always, well, excited when I go to Valitsa; I leave the car behind and I prepare myself for an unprecedented beer adventure. I never really know what I am going to get, but I know it’s going to be hell good!

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Βέροιας 5, Thessaloniki

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Tue - Thu 20:00 - 00:00, Fri - Sat 19:00 - 01:00


A simple beer: € 3


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