Vassil. Olgas Blvd. Thessaloniki

Image by Emmanouela Stachtiari

Vassil. Olgas Blvd. – A street of historic mansions

Vasilisis Olgas is the busiest shopping boulevard of the eastern city center that extends in parallel to the new waterfront. It is often neglected by passersby, who mostly pick the waterfront for a walk. I find strolling there while gazing at the iconic buildings situated at both sides quite charming.

Vasilisis Olgas is the home of some historic mansions dating back to the 19th century. Without exaggeration, the city’s most beautiful buildings can be seen there, a lot of which have been re-purposed into galleries, museums or public services’ buildings. Unfortunately, this is not the case with some others, which have been neglected enough to only slightly reflect the street’s years of wealth and high status. The area was first inhabited by rich families of multiple ethnicities, mostly working in trade and industry, who started building summer houses there. That’s why the street was named “street of the countryside”.

To see the most out of it, I propose starting from Villa Allatini, which is pinned on the map, and walk towards the city center. You will see Casa Bianca, Villa Mordoch, Villa Kapantzi, Villa Chatzimisef and many others. Some buildings are open to visitors, mostly in the mornings, and others have gardens for walking or taking a break.

The walk leads to the White Tower in about an hour. However, you can do parts of it on a bus. Buses there come by so often that you shouldn’t mind getting on and off all the time.

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Leoforos Vasilissis Olgas 198, Thessaloniki

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