The stairs of the Museum Tirana

Image by Marinela Gogo

The stairs of the Museum – Night at the museum

Guys, I’ve hated history since forever, so if you thought I’m going to talk about the Museum itself: I got you! Although it is interesting and it is worth visiting, I’m not going to focus on the cultural part of it. Located at the very center of Tirana, part of the Skanderbeg Square, the stairs outside the National History Museum are a spot I absolutely adore, at least at the moment!

Now, wanna party my way? All you need is a tiny amount of money, the perfect timing (after the night falls) and some crazy friends. If your friends are not crazy, well, with a little bit of alcohol everybody gets! Go buy as much beer as you can handle at any supermarket and then take a sit in the stairs, put some good music on, get to know other people around and get drunk.

Fortunately, public intoxication is not considered a crime in Albania but hey, robbing the National Bank in front of the Museum definitely is! Go as crazy as you want to but better turn your eyes to the left: at the statue of Skanderbeg, the Albanian national hero. Who knows, maybe after midnight you realize that it comes to life, just like in the movie.

If you’re lucky you may find yourself in one of the events with live music that are sometimes organized there; if not, you still can tell your mom next morning that the historical part of Albania is your favourite. 😉

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Sheshi Skënderbej 1, Tirana

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24 hours daily


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