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Image by Ardita Puma

Used Book Kiosks – Old or new, we got it all

Going through books my parents used to have, I found this old one I loved, translated 40 years ago. It took me back to the times when teachers would ask us to find certain books that were so hard to find in typical libraries, I would always go to these small kiosks and I could find anything in there — from books translated up to 50 years ago, to current bestsellers. Surprisingly enough, even though there are a lot of used books, if you ask the old men selling there, they just know if they have a certain book in there or not.

You can find them in many corners; the one in the picture is located near Pedonale. I really like these kiosks because they give the city a vintage vibe and give me an irresistible feeling to buy a book and run home to read it. The books are not only in Albanian, there are foreign ones too, and there is a chance to find ones that may not even be published anymore, for really cheap prices.

So, to all bookworms out there: next time you run into a kiosk, take a look; you may be pleasantly surprised!

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Rruga George W. Bush, Tirana

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