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Josep Nycz (1985)

About Me
Born and raised in Toronto I live and breathe everything about this place, especially the 1/2 hour TTC delays (experiencing one as I write this #torontoproblems). A slight glimpse of the CN tower can fill me with unspeakable pride and happiness, despite the fact that it’s only the 4th tallest in the world nowadays. Love that building. I always try to see the brighter side of things, which I adds to what I think is my upbeat, honest attitude, although sometimes (all the time) I can be a little snarky/sarcastic.

Why Toronto
Growing up here really gives me a unique perspective on the city and has allowed me to connect with the people and places here in a way only a true native can. I always try and stay on top of what’s going on, if you ever really can in a big city. There’s so many more things going on than I have time and/or energy for.

As much as I love being out and about, a city boy needs his downtime…. But wait! I don’t even need to leave TO to tan my bits on the beach, go for a bike ride in the woods, or waste a day alone on my roof.

I love that there’s so many different people from all over the world living here. Each subway ride is a people watchers dream, and we have the festivals, parades and restaurants to match. It’s just something you have to accept.

Where can you find me online?

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