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Emporium Latino – Salvadorean treats

Do you know where El Salvador is? It is a tiny Central American country 2149 km south of Toronto just Just 4 countries over from Canada. Does not sound like a lot until you think that Finland is only one country away from North Korea. 

Like other Latin countries they have many local dishes and as I am sure you agree, it is the duty of a Spotter to try different cuisines, plus they are delicious!

Opened on December 19th, 1989 the Emporium Latino began as a grocer of Latin American foodstuff, canned goods and other foodstuff often hard or alright impossible to purchase in Toronto. Expanding by selling tasty Salvadoran, Venezuelan and Mexican treats! From tacos, tamales, empanadas to pupusas and more! Now, with added extra seating, this mom & pop store has become one of best places to get some ethnic snacks and the ingredients to make them at at home.  

Pupusas, are a Salvadoran staple consisting of thick stuffed corn flour tortillas. Cheese, beans, pork, cactus or a mix of these is used as a filler. Normally eaten with a side of “curtido” or pickled cabbage along with a sizable helping of spicy salsa. Think of corn patties filled with delicious fillings. You have to try them! Personally I enjoy the mixed variety best!

They have been growing over the years and that is a great thing to happen to this spot. If you run into the owners, Cecilia or Jose Espinoza, tell them Mauricio says “Hi.”

Check them out!

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243 Augusta Ave., Toronto

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Mon - Fri 09:00 - 19:00, Sat 08:00 - 19:00, Sun 10:00 - 17:00


Per Pupusa: C$ 3.50

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