Graffiti Alley Toronto

Image by Josep Nycz

Graffiti Alley – Spray it, don’t say it

If a tour of the street-art-scape in this city had a starting point, it would definitely be Rush lane, commonly known as “Graffiti Alley”. As a young budding Torontonian, I used to drag my mom here at least once every few months to check out what was new.

Despite recent-ish attempts from city hall to curb this activity, street art in Toronto has, if anything, flourished. Graffiti Alley has certainly become an “undeclared” tourist destination in the city.

There used to be a yearly graffiti competition and although it’s no longer, the spirit of the event lives on. A walk down Graffiti Alley gives you a great look at some of the more recognizable graffiti artists in the city. Elicser, one of our city’s most loved, has quite a few examples of his work up on the walls. His stylized depictions of people are creative but relatable.

Nestled half a block south of Queen, between Spadina and Portland, (about 1/2 km) the alley is quite central and really close to must see neighborhoods like Kensington, Queen West and Chinatown. There are several short cross alleys that also are worth a peek. Don’t forget to look up, as there are a few really great pieces higher than eye level.

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Rush lane, Toronto

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