Guildwood Park Toronto

Image by Josep Nycz

Guildwood Park – Statuesque Scarborough

Often due to poor city planning or ambitious/short-sighted builders, many of Toronto’s finer historical buildings have unfortunately been torn down. Being a comparatively newer city in the scheme of things, we can’t much afford to have the few older buildings we do have removed. Luckily, we’ve come around and restoration and preservation are big words here nowadays. (Not that it always makes a difference.) Fittingly, we do have a sort of small ‘architectural graveyard’ preserved in Guildwood Park.

Walking around the park you can see some of the original and top-notch early 20th century stone masonry that previously adorned our downtown area. Meandering pathways lead you around seemingly haphazardly placed relics of Downtown Toronto.

Other paths in the park lead down to a portion of Scarborough Bluffs and down to the lake if like me, you need a little respite from the parks popular statue area. Last time, I went during a summer weekend and was unamused to find the upper park crawling with brides, grooms, bridal parties and wedding photographers. If only I had been in a more ‘lovey dovey’ mood that day. Haha.

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