Merchants of Green Restoration Cafe Toronto

Image by Jeffrey Wood

Merchants of Green Restoration Cafe – Eclectic cafe

There is nothing regular about the Merchants of Green Restoration Café in Riverside.

Around my table are four chairs: one red and metal, another yellow and metal. The third has a square wicker seat and a dark brown wooden frame, while mine is a lighter wood colour and… well, rounded! The floor is a patchwork of diagonal and horizontal oak slats. The loft ceiling displays a network of water pipes and electric wires.

Around me, people are working, reading, and chatting. Some are under 30, while many are older, although none are old enough to remember the building when it was the former factory home of Shirriffs Marmalade and the Niagara Falls Wine Company.

Even the address is irregular. Is it on Davies or Matilda? To keep it simple, just head two blocks north of Queen Street on the East side of the DVP. A large sign directing you to this funky caffeine oasis is painted on the south side of the brick building.

But two things I know for sure:

1) This is a place for true coffee lovers. They roast their own fair trade, certified green beans from Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Sumatra, and Papua New Guinea.

2) The other guarantee is that this is an ideal place to just hang out with your regular cup of Americano or more offbeat order of Maple Syrup Latte.

What’s Spot On:
• Rotating flavours of savoury and sweet scones.
• Drip coffee in ½ litre and 1 litre carafes.

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Details about this spot



2 Matilda Street, Toronto

Opening Times

Mon - Fri 08:00 - 18:00, Sat - Sun 09:00 - 18:00


Regular coffee : C$ 3.25


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