Princes' Gates Toronto

Image by Josep Nycz

Princes’ Gates – Who doesn’t like an angel statue?

There’s a somehow unassuming nature about the Princes’ Gates that I really enjoy. I can’t help but stare whenever I pass them. Going by, using any mode of transportation, they’re really visible and unmissable from the street. I usually seem to forget about the gates until suddenly and unexpectedly they just seem to appear.

Built in 1927 (I looked that up) they commemorate a visit by the two English royal princes that same year. FYI… If you talk about the Princes’ Gates to any Torontonian locals, be sure to correctly name the monument because everyone from here is quick to correct anyone who says “The Princess Gates.” (And they’ll do it in a very matter of fact tone… myself included)

The gates are at the eastern entrance to the Exhibition grounds. The area mainly gets used for the carnival/fair that happens in Toronto in the last weeks of August and the Indy car race. Just south, in the Art Deco ‘Automotive Building’, the original weather worn Angel that sat atop the gates can be seen, but usually the building is only open during the Ex or special events. The first time I stopped and saw it I was shocked that the statuette I’ve always loved wasn’t the first; but really, who doesn’t love a “fallen” angel story.

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