Scarborough Bluffs Toronto

Image by Kaye Ann Caronongan

Scarborough Bluffs – Hideaway within the city

Growing up around the East end of the city we got a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and enjoy the quiet outdoors. It sounds contradictory to how Toronto might appear in tourist brochures or packages, but just outside the city core lays the Scarborough Bluffs. It’s the perfect spot for an afternoon picnic with your family on the weekends or a short hike up a beautiful cliff overlooking Lake Ontario. It literally feels like you’re miles upon miles away from the city when in reality, you’re about 40 minutes out via public transit!

Walking down towards the entrance of the Scarborough Bluffs is a fork in the road leading to the Bluffer’s Park Marina (on the left) and to Bluffers Park (on the right). There are trails in both directions, both leading up to different parts of the Bluffs with different terrains. The marina has a longer beachfront to lazily walk along on. Meanwhile the park has short to long trails where you’ll get to see a few animals along the way. The last time I was at the Scarborough Bluffs, my friend and I saw a baby otter quickly running towards the water! Perhaps to meet up with its mama?

A different side of the city, the Scarborough Bluffs won’t be in any sightseeing tours, but they’re definitely worth exploring.

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61 Under Cliff Drive, Toronto

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24 hours daily


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