The PATH Toronto

Image by Josep Nycz

The PATH – 28 km of underground pedestrian mazes

One of the most fascinating things about the PATH to me is how its vibe is completely different every time I go there. Visiting it during rush hour or during lunch on the weekdays, you’ll have to jostle around what must be hundreds of thousands of people that work in the office towers above. Contrarily, at other times it feels deserted and a sense of solitude takes over. The PATH is a winding maze of connecting hallways, food courts and shops that ‘tunnel’ underneath the Downtown Toronto core.

Mind you, it can be very confusing to get around (dare I say, even I get lost occasionally.) Its development, like much of Toronto, has been sort of haphazard. When I was in high school, friends and I often organized a kind of PATH scavenger hunt, which basically consisted of us getting completely lost wandering around marble and granite clad hallways for a whole day. I’ve since become a little more adept at my navigating of it.

My favourite thing about it though, is that you can walk almost anywhere downtown underground. It’s easy to escape the constant construction noise and other noise pollution of the the downtown streets above. Especially during the (sometimes hellish) winter. Believe me, this can be a godsend.

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