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Eleonora Diana (1988)

About me
I was born in Turin and grew up in different cities while following my parents and the theatre company in their tour around the world.

Today I’m a video maker, scenographer and digital storyteller. I like to travel and find nice cosy places to try local food, while avoiding touristy main spots.

Why Turin?
I lived in Madrid and Amsterdam and my work takes me all over the world, I also like to travel, but in certain times I need to come back home and Turin is definitely my nest.

Turin is my city and when I am here I feel like I’m in my own living room, when I move around the streets. In spite of being born here, I frequently find new places. Especially after the Olympic Games, this city has changed very fast, and new places would pop up in unexpected places.

It is a city with an industrial heritage to discover, fast moving and yet not stressful, with a vibrant cultural life hosting a never-ending number of festivals. Cinema festival, food festival, art festival, book festival, music festival, you name it.

For me it is unique.

Where can you find me online?
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