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About me
I was born in Turin in 1978 and have lived in the city ever since. I’ve seen it going from the factory-town era to a modern and nice-to-live-in city.

I’m a social media manager and I also take care of the official social media accounts of the city.

In love with trains, history and travelling, I spend my free time reading about football, playing football, watching football, enjoying dinners and drinks out in local restaurants and bars.

Why Turin?
Because it is my hometown and what I am now comes from this place.

Turin is a place where you can fake to be someone you are not, but in the end you will be facing the consequences of your lie. It is not a forgiving place, it has lot of scars on the surface and in its deep soul: the history of this place always preceded the history of the country. If something ever happened in Italy, you can bet it happened before in Turin. It is like an evolving lab of what Italy is into.

This is the place to be to foresee the future of the country, Milan is the place to live it.

Where can you find me online?

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