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DB Wine, Food & Spirits – Amazing wine shop & stop

DB Wine, Food and Spirits is the place I go to feel like I’m somewhere far from the city while retaining Turin’s understated style.

Located in the southern part of the city, just outside the border of the San Salvario district, DB Wine, Food and Spirits will welcome you in a cozy atmosphere. There are plenty of wines to choose from (you can pick a bottle to go or to drink there), amazing food with some classic dishes from international cuisines (Caesar’s salad, Croque Monsieur, wonderful panini with premium ingredients, anchovies and butter), and a huge plus. That huge plus for me are the gin & tonics. 

You will find a menu with more than a dozen different combinations and recipes concerning gin and tonic: you may choose your desired gin, combine it with the tonic of your choice, or let the barman do his job. An amazing job to be honest. 

It is rare to find a spot in Turin that offers you premium wines at no more than € 6/glass: try for example amazing reds such as Gattinara Travaglini or Pinot Noir from the North-East of Italy. These are wines that you can buy at almost € 20/€ 30 a bottle, so getting a glass at € 5 is a bargain. 

Even more rare is finding a place owned by someone so in love with gin & tonic. My Hendrix with tonic and cucumber slice is a must, try it!

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Via Madama Cristina 82, Turin

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Mon - Sat 07:30 - 22:30


Wine (glass): € 5


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