Farmers Market Turin

Image by Eleonora Diana

Farmers Market – A hidden corner of Porta Palazzo

Porta Palazzo is “the” market of Turin. Everyone talks about it when talking about Turin, but Porta Palazzo is not all the same (check the Porta Palazzo article)! For me the best and most unique part is the area where the farmers are. In this singular part of the market you can find everything you need to prepare a good meal with special ingredients.

I would like to suggest three market stalls:

Corbusier: this is the cheese-stall. Mr. Corbusier breeds, milks his animals and prepares the cheese for sale. He has mostly goat cheese and some fresh cow cheese too. I suggest you try the butter, gorgonzola and goat fontina.

Meat Stall: it’s the only one that sells meat so you can’t make a mistake! They are a family who breeds cows, pigs and chickens with respect for natural life and animals are by feeding them in the wild. They sell meat, salsiccia, salami, prosciutto and a lot of other stuff. It’s impossible to explain how good everything they have is. I suggest you arrive early in the morning because at 10:00 they’ll have sold everything already.

Herbs Stall: this is a stall in the middle, a father and son and they sell only country herbs. At that stall you can find herbs that you’ve never seen before and sniff flavors of old taste.

I love to go there for this and I suggest you go too.

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Details about this spot



Piazza della Repubblica, Turin

Opening Times

07:00 - 13:00 daily


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