Nurah Cafè – Morocco and the city

Nurah Cafè Turin

Image by Chiara Pillon

Nurah Cafè – Morocco and the city

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Chiara from Turin

Artisanal pasta maker, born and raised in Turin. My city’s like a super-grandm...

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In Turin “Apericena” is a must. Besides its AWFUL sound  and the attempted homicide of Italian vocabulary, the meaning of this crasis is having drinks (“Aperitivo”) and some food. The amount of food is between a snack and a dinner (“Cena” in italian).

There is no need to say that the more the better in terms of food quantity. Possibly for less money and great quality. And not so much grease. And served at the table and not a buffet.

I’m really difficult sometimes. But “Nurah Cafè” is the place.

There are great drinks (classic and spicy Middle-eastern style), a laaaaaarge amount of food and refills. You will have tabbouleh, cous cous with greens, potatoes and hummus, pita-like bread, carrot purèe, olives and my favourite: some kind of mysteriously sweet but delicious grain. It tastes like orange blossoms.

It’s a really filling apericena. It’s served in beautiful little decorated plates and cups.
You can have it served inside the spot or on little tables in the street in summer. The atmosphere is magical. There are beautiful lamps and they arrange all light cables as an artsy creation.

I recommend you the pineapple, lemon and ginger juice. Refreshing and spicy. Or some of their really good teas in winter.
If you fancy some alcohol I’m really into Spicy Mojito and Vodka sour with orange blossom water.

And If you like the style they have also a little shop section for teas and dishware.


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Chiara from Turin

Chiara Pillon photo

Artisanal pasta maker, born and raised in Turin. My city’s like a super-grandm...

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Details about this spot



Via Sant'Agostino, 23/c, Turin

Telephone number


Opening Times

Mon - Fri 17:30 - 02:00, Sat 16:00 - 03:00, Sun 17:00 - 01:30


Apericena: € 9


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