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Hong Sheng – Proper Chinese cuisine

When suggesting this place to someone, I often forget what it is really called because in my mind this will always go under “the Chinese restaurant where Chinese people go”.

Anyway, if you’re a person that likes strong tastes Hong Sheng is the place to be. As you walk in, it seems like you’re in China. The restaurant is a family run business place, the wife is at the entrance and the husband serves at the table: this is a typical restaurant completely ‘Made in China’ and yet you won’t find any stereotypical props around. No dragons nor “Chinese” style furniture.

Entering, right in front of you a fridge with fresh ingredients and some ready meals: the seaweed salad and jellyfish, duck heads in sweet and sour sauce, duck tongues and spicy chicken paws just waiting to be served.

These are just some of the specialties of the city of Hangzhou that you can enjoy here, along with other dishes from the Zhejiang region. The menu doesn’t follow the western stereotype either. For once no spring rolls or fried rice nor other dishes you’ll find in a regular Chinese restaurant. That’s because Hong Sheng has mainly (if not only) Chinese clientele: Chinese dishes, Chinese menu and a Chinese owner. Usually when I have to order I’ll sneak a peek at the other tables and order those dishes.

I suggest you try: spicy duck, leek and ginger calamari, Hangzhou noodle and for the brave ones spicy and sour tripe.

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via Alessandria 3, Turin

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12:00 - 15:00 & 18:00 - 00:00 daily


Meals from: € 8
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