Porta Palazzo Turin

Image by Mirko Corli

Porta Palazzo – Simply the best market in town

If you like street markets, Turin has something very special for you: the biggest open air market in town is also the biggest one in Europe. You will find it in piazza della Repubblica, a large octagonal square in the heart of the city, just a hundred metres or so from piazza Castello.

If you ask for directions, do not ask for piazza della Repubblica: people living in Turin are used to calling the market “Porta Palazzo” after the name of an old gate of the city that was in the area.

The market is mostly open, but in the square you will also find three big blocks: inside are the fish market (come very early in the morning if you want to pick the best fish in town), the meat, cheese and bread market (both south and north of corso Regina Margherita), and a real gem: the farmers’ market.

It is in the north-eastern corner of the square and it will show you all the best veggies and fruits coming from the farmlands near Turin. In the middle of it every kind of egg you can imagine, flowers, fantastic cheese stalls and even Chinese farmers selling all Chinese veggies that grow nearby the city (nothing is imported here).

Stroll through the stalls if you like to smell southern Italy and the Maghreb (don’t miss the olive stall just in the middle of the square), and treat yourself by getting the best food you can get for your dinner.

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Piazza della Repubblica, Turin

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