Rotonda O.G.R. Turin

Image by Mirko Corli

Rotonda O.G.R. – A magical roundabout

“Rotonda” in Italian is the word for roundabout. This special place I am writing about has no official name actually, but you can hear many residents in the city calling it “Rotonda delle OGR”: literally, OGR roundabout.

The acronym O.G.R. stands for “Officine Grandi Riparazioni” and identifies the buildings you find behind the roundabout, built around the late 19th century and once used as sort of huge garages to host trains locomotives and coaches, build them, fix broken ones, etc.

The roundabout is a fantastic place to see for a particular reason: in the middle of it you can find two locomotives coming from very different times. The oldest one was born in 1922/1923, used at that time and in the following years as a powerful way to climb the mountains in central Italy’s railways. The newest is an old prototype of a high-speed train in Italy.

I love to ride my bike on the bicycle path that runs nearby, or sit on a bench just under the trees of corso Stati Uniti and wonder how they got there, what people they brought to their destinations in so many years of service and how many landscapes they’ve seen.

I guess I also love this place because it is probably the best one to get the authentic feeling of the rare ability Turin has of putting past, present and future just side by side.

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corso Stati Uniti 93, Turin

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