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Maya Korbynn (1991)

About me
Born and raised in Vancouver, I’ve explored almost every area of this city over the years. I used to work in the tourism industry and know first hand about local major attractions and hidden adventures.

If I’m not at work, I’m writing, drinking tea or off on some crazy adventure (spelunking and via ferrata anyone?). I love sharing what I know about Vancouver and travelling in general, and am currently working on mastering at least 2 other languages.

I like to write about spots that are out of the ordinary and that have some interesting history. I do eat meat, but I love finding new vegetarian and vegan restaurants here because they usually make surprisingly delicious food!

Why Vancouver?
Vancouver is a young city, and it is always transforming; new restaurants, public art installations and shops pop up weekly. It is a very diverse and laid-back city that has something for everyone. There is also a lot of fascinating and perplexing history if you know where to look; hopefully I can show you how to find it.

I feel so lucky every day to live here because it is so full of natural beauty- the mountains, oceans and the many parks in this city make Vancouver just that much better. For me, Vancouver has it all; I can ski, sail, bike, catch a show, eat great food and work all within 20 minutes of downtown.

Where can you find me online?

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