New Park Vancouver

Image by Maya Korbynn

New Park – Vancouver’s newest park

There is a strange public park in Vancouver where old and new Vancouver converge. It isn’t the combination of architectural styles that makes this spot odd, no, what makes it odd is the name. For some reason, the Vancouver Parks Board put up an official sign calling this spot “New Park”, even though all other records list it as Shannon Mews Park.

Perhaps the its an example of strange Vancouver humour, or even a prank, but the fact remains that New Park is Vancouver’s newest park, and it’s not too shabby a place to hang out. In fact, upon first glance, it looks like an elegant private garden, but the city sign clearly states otherwise.

Nestled between two new developments, and flanked to the north by a heritage landmark called the Shannon Mansion, New Park currently includes the original mansion garden and fish pond as well as a meandering path, playground, flower beds, and informational signage detailing the history of the Shannon Estate. This park is perfect for relaxing in the summer; it’s so hidden (and new) that you are likely to be alone when you visit, and it gets a decent amount of shade and wind to make it comfortable on the hottest of days.

Be sure to visit soon! The mansion garden and pond may soon be excluded from the public park, and this year may be your last chance to peek into the gorgeous Shannon Mansion freely before the developers block it off.

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Shannon Mews Park, Vancouver

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07:00 - 22:00 daily


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