The Shameful Tiki Room Vancouver

Image by R. Regan

The Shameful Tiki Room – It’s like a movie set

If you ever saw the movie Goodfellas hopefully you will remember the scene where you “meet” the gang. The camera pans past the characters, describing them and you eventually realize they are in a tiki bar. It was dim, no windows, amazing cocktails, bamboo on the walls and the bar with a palm frond roof over it kind of place. The shameful tiki room is almost the same just on a smaller scale.  

While the experience is really fun it’s all about the extensive cocktail list. I tried a few while I was there with friends but what stuck in my mind was the Mystery Bowl. They shared it, and due to its size it’s definitely made for two. It came with a full entourage of staffers, yelling “Myyyysterrrryyyy BOOOOOOOWL! and a gong going off every time one was ordered. It’s a different way to spend a evening but it was fun, happening, and the live music made it all even better.

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Details about this spot



4362 Main Street, Vancouver

Opening Times

Sun - Thu 17:00 - 00:00, Fri - Sat 17:00 - 01:00


Mystery Bowl: C$ 22


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