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Matteo Giarraffa (1985)

About me
Originally from Rome, I am a natural-born wanderer, passionate about history, literature and food. I try to spend my free time reading, hanging out for random street photography, and enjoying concerts as much as possible.

I try to stick to a handful of life rules, the one on the top being: spend most of your money travelling to discover the world, and constantly question your rules.

Why Venice
I moved to Venice in mid 2015, and its peculiarities have kept captivating me every day since. Venice is an extraordinary and absolutely unique city. Besides the famous touristic spots everyone knows, there are hundreds of hidden jewels to discover and protect. It has many faces, troubles and ongoing social-economic transformations that are endangering its own existence.

Venice is a small town by itself, but the lagoon surrounding it is as important and interesting as the historic center, although this is not very well known. Venice is a lagoon city, its functioning strictly connected to the water. The reason I love Venice is that one could go on talking about it for hours.

Where else can you find me online?

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