The Brick Heart Venice

Image by Cecilia Staiano

The Brick Heart – Legends of Venice

Heading for the Castello district, you will dive into some of Venice’s mysteries. Like the brick heart underneath the arch of Sotoportego dei Preti.

Passing by with your lover, touch together this lucky charm at the same time and your love will last for eternity, but only if you promise to not get angry. If you visit this spot alone, you can still touch the heart and wish to find love. If you do it in all seriousness, your wish will come true within a year.

Legend has it that a fisherman named Orio lived here. One day, while fishing, he draped a mermaid, Melusina, in his net. The two fell in love, but she’d been hit by a curse: every Saturday night she turned into a terrible snake. The only way to overcome the curse was to get married. Then she would then get human legs instead. There was just one condition: while they still weren’t married, Orio shouldn’t come see her on a Saturday.

The couple married and had three children, but after a few years Melusina died. Orio was in despair, but when he would return home from fishing he realised that everything had been mysteriously been tidied up. He found a snake in the kitchen and killed it. Then, the housework stopped being done, because the snake was actually Melusina, who had returned from the depths to take care of her family.

The brick heart marks the site of their house and immortalises their love.

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Salizada del Pignater 3544, Venice

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24 hours daily
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