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Linda Nepicks (1972)

About me
After two years of having a long-distance relationship between Hamburg (where I already was a spotter!) and Vienna, I moved to this beautiful city in 2010. Before I got settled in Hamburg and now in Vienna (as far as I can be a settled person…) I spent many years abroad, working as a tour guide in Laos, Egypt, Indonesia etc. and travelling on my own through Africa and Asia.

My list of visited places is long, so I am a spoiled person – who ended up to be more than fond of Vienna!! After organizing tailor-made-tours to exotic and far-away countries for tour operators in Hamburg and Vienna, I’m now working at a very dedicated travel agency for sustainable tourism. And which functions also as a letting agency – if you can’t resist but want to stay longer in Vienna, just like me!

I am into literature, art, music, photographing – guess you will either find me reading on my couch or balcony of our cosy apartment in the fancy second district or in the cafes or in the galleries, museums and theatres of town.

Why Vienna?
The beautiful buildings and flats & the markets, the delicious sweet desserts & the great white wine, the long hot summer & the icy winter, the vinyards & the river Danube, the green prater & a tasty melange in some coffee house – so many old fashioned reasons to be fond of Vienna! It took me not even half a day to fall in love with this city. And luckily I fell in love with a Viennese as well! And by the way – in which European city do you wake up with the sound of some horses’ hoofs on the streets nearby?

Where else can you find me online?

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