Bricʞs Vienna

Image by Julia Heiligenbrunner

Bricʞs – Holy (?) dancebar

Bricʞs is a unique bar off the beaten track. In case you know of another spot in Vienna where X-mas is celebrated in August (on the 24th) let us know!

The place is home to a VERY Austrian experience: “Ciao Amore” night. On the 1st Monday of each month [changed due to our ‘friend’ called Corona], the DJ plays only “Schlager” & “Austropop” that had originally been released between 1950 and the late 80s. Ok, the two DJs sometimes sneak in a handful of new songs, too, yet really only very few. Apart from that, cocktails then are only €4.50 all night long.

Most of the songs are in Austrian/German, but it’s all about the atmosphere! You will definitely have something to write home about once you’ve been part of a Monday night at the lazy dance bar. Bring one of your local friends to help you translate or dive into this music genre.

The crowd that comes here is rather young on weekends – probably also because drinks, shots especially, are so cheap – yet it also quite well mixed at other times. The dance floor isn’t all that big but it usually doesn’t become super crowded during weekdays. In case it does happen, however, it’s easier to get in touch with others, don’t you think? Bring your mask (just to be safe;), see you on the dance floor!

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Taborstraße 38, Vienna

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Thu - Sat from 20:00 on


Cocktail from: € 3.80


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