Grillx Vienna

Image by Julia Heiligenbrunner

Grillx – Underground bar

To give you an idea of Grillx, the new underground bar in the city center of Vienna, let me ask you a few things.

Have you ever been to a karaoke night with live piano accompaniment?

Would Oldies, Goldies and Trash from the 50s ☆ 60s ☆ 70s ☆ 80s and 90s sound like something to get your costume out for and your dancing feet going?

Does it bother you that most people only shop and wear mainstream clothes, or is your favorite color the one of the night?

Do you think and act a little outside the box? How about your taste in music?

If yes, then this might just be your future hangout!

I appreciate the diverse mix the owner and bar lady (“Wirtin” in German 😉 ) Darija puts together at Grillx, and I regularly come here.

Also because she is the first (!) “Wirtin” I’ve come across who knows how to mix a Kaiserspritzer right!

“I’m tired of having to stir it with a straw/or knife when I feel it’s not that hard to pour it properly so that the three ingredients blend well!”- one might think (try somewhere else, and you usually find a normal Spritzer with lots of sweet syrup on the bottom).

Grillx is already the second venue Darija is running; if you want to check out her first bar, quite a meeting and melting place for artists, go to Ungargrill!

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Petersplatz 1, Vienna

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Wed - Sat 22:00 - 04:00

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