Hafenkneipe  Vienna

Image by Linda Nepicks

Hafenkneipe – Harbor pub & balcony feeling!

Imagine yourself on a balcony, or better: your balcony…! No dressing up, no keeping up appearances, no noise, no stress – just: relaxation.

And imagine you don’t have a balcony (like most Viennese people – and tourists), there is some place in this lovely city, where you can rest your weary head after a long hot day (either working – or sightseeing). Where you can rest that weary head on the pillow of a deckchair while a river flows by. And where you find a tiny snack stall-like bar, nice music, reasonably priced drinks, on some days good food, and a great urban-style view!

The place where all this comes true, Hafenkneipe, is right at the very end of the Danube channel. I know, there are plenty of beach bars along the Danube channel. But this one is small, relaxed, funky, non-stylish yet cozy and not made for those who people who put too much effort in getting seen and noticed.

So if you are only into drinking and girls or boys, this is not the spot for you! If you want some balcony-feeling on a hot summer’s night, go for it! Hafenkneipe (literally harbor pub) is my not-so-private balcony, and definitely on of my most favorite spots in summertime.

Hafenkneipe is only open on warm days. But it’s worth checking out. May 19th will be the day to open again after a long lockdown, we can’t wait!! We want sun on that day!

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Details about this spot



Franzensbrücke, Vienna

Opening Times

12:00 - 01:00 daily, on warm days


Bottle of juice: € 2.60

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